Study abroad

Either: NC Subject Aspirant. Most who study their desired subject abroad from the beginning do so for NC reasons: You want to study an NC subject, but you don't have the average required in Germany. Abroad, it often looks different, popular for example with psychologists and doctors. Countries of choice are for example Austria or Hungary.
Or: World discoverers. These are the main topics here. These are the ones who are curious about the 'experience abroad', but not volunteering, work& travel, want to make au pair. but want to experience foreign university life. Campus life, teaching methods, learning methods.
Good: The range is wide. Exchange programs. Semester abroad. Short-term study abroad. Campus Experiences.
Bingo: try out what suits you and at the same time broaden your horizons and language skills.

What has to be considered during the stay abroad?

Organize in good time! Do not underestimate formalities. Plan financing: cost of living, insurance, accommodation, potential trips home to be considered in advance. Check out support offers: Study abroad grants, scholarships, special loans. Keyword short studies: You can choose between certificate and individual courses (four to 24 weeks) and diploma courses starting at six months. The variety is huge: from business administration to architecture, design, gastronomy, psychology or law.

Study in Canada

Check! Tried for you!
Sounds theoretical? For that you have us! We'll lead the way and try it out for you live on site: Studying in Vancouver! We send Lorenz, 18, a recent high school graduate, to the brand new TravelWorks 'Campus Experience' at Greystone College in Vancouver. He checks out for you what it's really like: studying far away from home, on a different continent, with a different language, new living conditions. In May it starts: He will report and blog for you about the study-life abroad at Greystone College in Vancouver: Eight weeks he lives Canadian student-being with lectures, exams and lots of partying (hopefully!) More in the next ABI from 27. May.

Curious yourself? Well then do it like Lorenz and get out of here! TravelWork offers short study programs in five countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England! Depending on the course and the chosen college, the program lasts from one month to one year; the possible fields of study are really broad, from fashion to business administration.

Conclusion gives it also? Of course: you get a Certificate or Diploma.

Must be 18? Not everywhere. One or the other option is also available from the age of 17.

No time to worry because of Abi stress? TravelWorks offers you a complete package with flight, study placement, tuition fees, accommodation, airport transfer and of course advice and support.

Interest? Be sure to consult with TravelWorks in person to find the top-of-the-top program for you! And if not Campus Experience: at you can also find work&travel, volunteering, language travel, internships abroad and au-pair.